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Stratagraph Geosteering is your Geosteering solution. We provide 100% Customizable services, ​24/7 monitoring by degreed, field trained, highly experienced geologists,​ and much more.


Stratagraph Geosteering

With Stratagraph Geosteering, we take the load off of you and allow you to have more time to dedicate towards other projects. We take care of the work so you don’t have to. Sit back, relax, and let us steer for you.

  • Client Tailor-Made – 100% Customizable Geosteering services ​

  • 24/7 Monitoring  – 24/7 monitoring and Geosteering Nights, Weekends, and Holidays

  • Experience Led – Geosteering performed by degreed, field trained, highly experienced geologists. Experienced in all major basins including, but not limited to: Williston Basin, East Texas Basin, Maverick Basin, Gulf Coast Basin, Bend-Arch Ft. Worth Basin, San Juan Basin, Permian Basin, Anadarko Basin, Arkoma Basin, Appalachian Basin, Delaware Basin, Kentucky Platform Bighorn Basin, Powder River Basin, Park Basin, Michigan Basin, Denver Basin, Los Angeles Basin, and many more.

  • Superior Reporting – Prewell Geologic Modeling and Prewell Report, Full daily reports, Lite reports, End of Well Reports, and any other customizable requests you may need.

Stratagraph Geosteering services are provided by highly experienced, field trained, degreed geologists who have a passion for helping you drill a better well. Providing a multitude of Geoscience services and a team of exponential experience, Stratagraph Geosteering is what you need to make your life easier at lower costs

Our approach

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Customizable Geosteering Services

We provide a full array of Geosteering services allowing us to provide services from supporting roles to full-fledged projects. All services are customizable to the specific needs of any client or well.

Superior Reporting

Stratagraph Geosteering provides superior reporting from Full Service Reporting to Lite Reporting. Including: Prewell Geologic Modeling and Prewell Report, Full daily reports, Lite reports, End of Well Reports, and any other customizable requests you may need.

Innovative Software

Stratagraph Geosteers are trained in a multitude of steering software, including StarSteer. This allows Stratagraph Geosteering to deliver superior service in any desired format.

Experienced and Knowledgable

Stratagraph Geosteering is performed by degreed, field trained, highly experienced geologists. Our Geosteerers are experienced in all major basins. 









Our Values

People, Quality, Innovation and Safety.

  • People – We value our customers and strive to provide customized solutions to meet their project needs. To ensure our team stays ahead of industry changes and trends, we provide continual training.
  • Quality – Placing quality at the forefront, we focus on reliability and accuracy. Our knowledgeable in-house experts take pride in delivering quality and as a company, we offer incentives for high-caliber performance that supports our customers’ needs. 
  • Innovation – We actively monitor industry trends, seek input from our customers and invest in innovation and new technologies. 
  • Safety – We are committed to safe practices on every job site and ongoing safety education, so our team and our customers’ personnel have a safe working environment.

Trusted Partners

Stratagraph and Stratagraph Geosteering have many trusted partners that aid in our mission to provide clients with top-notch Geosteering service. Additionally, we have many partners that we can work together with to provide you with high-quality services from exploration to production. Stratagraph Geosteering can team up with Stratagraph or TDS to provide you with a full array of Geosteering and Mudloggins services. In addition to that, we can join forces with a number of other partners to provide assistance in Geochemistry, Rock Analysis, Gas Analysis, Completions, Production chemicals, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about our Trusted Partners.

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