What is Geosteering?

Defined as geologically guiding the well path, geosteering guides decisions in real-time or near real-time to provide maximum exposure to production zones.

  • Data Driven

  • Results Orientated 

  • Research Led 

By OUR definition, Stratagraph Geosteering is the solution to YOUR geological needs! Stratagraph’s experienced geosteering professionals offer expertise on subsurface geology and directing the well path while assisting with streamlining operations and enhancing communications with operations geologists, wellsite supervisors, directional drillers and MWD/LWD hands.

Data-Driven Analysis & Superior Reporting 

Stratagraph Geosteering provides superior reporting based on knowledgable experience and data-driven analysis. Providing industry-leading reporting from Full Service Reporting to Lite Reporting. Including Prewell Geologic Modeling and Prewell Report, Full daily reports, Lite reports End of Well Reports, and any other customizable requests you may need.

  • In-Depth Prewell Planning and Reporting

  • Full-Service Reporting

  • Lite Reporting

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Steering Software

Stratagraph Geosteers are trained in a multitude of steering softwares, allowing Stratagraph Geosteering to deliver superior service in any desired format in order to enhance your overall experience with Stratagraph. Our most commonly used steering software is the industry-leading software StarSteer, which allows for seamless online collaboration with your organization. 

  • StarSteer

  • Solo Cloud

  • Starlite

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Experienced and Knowledgable 

Stratagraph Geosteering is performed by degreed, field trained, highly experienced geologists. Our Geosteerers are experienced in all major basins. Including but not limited to: Williston Basin, East Texas Basin, Maverick Basin, Gulf Coast Basin, Bend-Arch Ft. Worth Basin, San Juan Basin, Permian Basin, and many more. Stratagraph Geosteers emphasize the importance of three major aspects when steering a well.

  • Reliable & Consistent Communication

  • Quality Reporting 

  • Safety 

Stratagraph Geosteering’s team of professional, experienced, degreed geologists with experience in basins across the Continental US and Overseas, has the right knowledge and experience for all your geosteering needs. Our Geosteerers are trained in a multitude of steering software in order to customize our services to your specific needs.